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The CC-HVAC is a Climate Controller that is a direct replacement for a standard 5-Wire HVAC thermostat.  It is used in conjunction with a CS-Series Climate Sensor, which provides temperature data for the Climate Controller to act upon.   The CC-HVAC, together with a CS-Series Climate Sensor will fully automate your HVAC climate system.  You have unlimited flexibility to create and tailor climate settings to your exact specifications.  Create custom day and night climate settings, create climate curves, and when used in conjunction with a CC-HUM humidity controller, you can set your climate parameters by vapor pressure deficit (VPD).  Climate curves allow you to set parameters for each hour of the Day and Night periods, so you can ramp temperatures up and down to your exact specs.  The GrowCentral App allows you to manage as many different rooms and environments as you have in your facility.  You can even manage multiple facilities - all from just one app.  

The GrowCentral Climate Automation System has been designed with everything in mind, and with multiple failsafes.   Even if your Internet connection is temporarily down, the system continues function flawlessly by allowing the Climate Sensor(s) to communicate with the Climate Controller(s) directly through your Internet router.  


  • Precisely regulate your Day and Night climate.
  • Set Climate Curves with specific temperature settings for each hour of the Day and Night.
  • When using in combination with a CC-HUM Humidity Controller, Set Temperature and Humidity by Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD).
  • Set alerts if temperature parameters are out of desired range.
  • Easy to setup and install.  This is a direct replacement for a 5-Wire HVAC thermostat.  Connect 5-Wires from existing thermostat directly to the CC-HVAC color-coded terminal blocks.  If you do not use heating in your facility, connect just 4 wires for 24VAC, Common, Fan/Blower, and Compressor.
  • Manage and control unlimited Facilities, Rooms, and environments with the GrowCentral App.
  • Multiple redundancies and failsafe features allow the system to continue functioning even when the Internet connection is temporarily down.


    • Input:  5-Wire (24VAC, Common, Fan/Blower, Compressor, Furnace)
    • WiFi 2.4GHz, standard 1/2 wave antenna
    • Powder coated aluminum enclosure
    • Requires Internet router with WPS, and GrowCentral account
    • For indoor or greenhouse use only
    • Dimensions: 3.25"W x 5.0"H x 1.25"D
    • Weight: 1 Lbs
    • Shipping dimensions: 6" x 9" x 3"
    • Shipping weight: 3 Lbs
    • UL 508A Compliant
    • Two-year manufacturer warranty
    • Made in USA